Friday, September 13, 2013

Red apples

I have an elderly neighbor with several large apple trees in his garden. I've been looking at the apples and thinking what a shame that they just hang there to rot. So the other day I just went over to him and suggested that I could help him pick the apples in exchange for keeping some of them myself. He just laughed at me and said that he didn't want any of the apples, but that I could pick as many as I wanted for myself.

I picked a bucket full and was so sad that I had to leave the rest, but there is a limit as to how many apples I need and have space to store. The tree was so full of apples I couldn't even see that I had taken many of them.
I have a pair of red rain boots for garden work, my high heeled ones are for
rainy city days. 
My neighbor said he didn't want any apples for himself, but I was pretty sure he wouldn't object to an apple pie made from them, so I made him one and invited myself over for coffee and cake.

There are so many elderly people living in big houses with big gardens filled with fruit and berries. Look around your neighborhood and see if you can help anyone picking them. I am sure that will be of great help for the ones no longer able to pick their fruit and berries themselves, and you get some for yourself that you can do any number of exciting things with!

On Tuesday I showed you how to make saft with redcurrants from my Grandmother's garden, next week will be filled with posts about what I've done with the apples from my neighbor's garden.


  1. These are amazing pictures Marit, beautiful apples! I am waiting for update on lemon tree :)

  2. You know.. I've always wanted a garden with an apple tree and a lemon tree.. I've never had the pleasure of picking fresh apples or fruits from the tree.. I have "stolen" some lemons from the side of the road though.. hahaha
    My great - grandfather had a large apple orchard back in Indonesia. They sold it before I was born at times I imagine playing there, wouldn't that be amazing?


    Thia @ The Tale Thief