Monday, September 9, 2013

Meatless Monday #4: Cheese pizza

We have put a few hectic weeks behind us, so when my husband was away at the beginning of last week I took the chance to relax and not do much at all. Dinner was not on my list of things to put any thought in. But with my husband back and the weekend approaching, I decided on a Meatless Friday.

I love cheese so much. I have a theory that almost anything can be made better with adding some cheese (and some garlic). I was in a weight loss program a little while back and felt like the strangest person on the planet when all the people in the program were talking about the problems with resisting chocolate and potato chips, where as all I could think of was all the delicious cheese I had to stop eating. Given the choice between chocolate and cheese, I would always choose the cheese. But now I'm rambling. Back to the meatless dinner: 3 cheeses pizza.
I'm seriously challenged when it comes to baking, so I buy pizza dough at the store.
Typically I'm either too hungry or too tired to really think when I go to the store, so chances are I forget some vital ingredient to anything I make. I thought I had some tomato sauce at home, but I didn't. Improvising is something I often do in the kitchen. Mixing pesto rosso and ketchup worked wonderfully - it turned out to be better than most tomato sauces I've used before.
Mozarella, blue cheese, and standard yellow grated cheese. 
So pasta sauce, a good amount of chopped garlic and then the 3 cheeses evenly dispersed on my pizza.
Say "Cheeeeeeeeese!"
I guess a lot of you are skeptical when it comes to blue cheese, but seriously - give it a try! It is so good! If blue cheese is not your thing, try making cheese pizza with cheeses you don't usually use, like a sharp cheddar.
Yes, it was as good as it looks. 
I don't think this is a dinner that would go well with my weight loss class, but I believe in enjoying good food with people you love, and this was an excellent dinner I shared with the person I love the most.


  1. I'm from Wisconsin...the state that wears cheese on it's head! This looks so good!

    1. Oh, is there a cheese considered the typical Wisconsian cheese? I'd like to try it!
      And yes - the pizza was excellent!

  2. Ahh.. There's an idea.. I know what I'll be having next wednesday :)