Sunday, September 15, 2013

How is my lemon tree doing?

No photo today because there's nothing to take a photo of.

The weather turned this week, and going from sunny and warm to cloudy and cold was not really in my consideration when I planted the lemon tree. I think this week has been too cold and the pot hasn't gotten enough sun. I dug up all the seeds and none of them had germinated.

I will however try again some time this week, but first I will have to get a grow lamp for my lemon tree. I will come back with an update next Sunday! Hopefully that update will be filled with a grow lamp and some newly planted seeds!


  1. So no lemon tree? Oh nooo! I don't understand these trees sometimes. I have two weird African trees at home but despite their African origin they don't want to be in the sun. Now we have a lemon tree that wants sun and won't grow. Good luck to you. Will be waiting for next update :)

    1. Yea, no lemon tree yet. But I won't give up!

  2. Oh no! That sucks... I'm glad you're going to keep trying though! You're a lot more dedicated to your projects than I am.. haha

  3. This makes me sad. How am I suppose to live my garden through you? It's like I lost the seeds myself :( KEEP TRYING YOU CAN DO IT!!!