Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Apple pie

I have said it before, and I say it again: I'm not much of a baker. However, I guess it is inevitable to make an apple pie when you get such wonderful apples from your neighbor.

Google is my best friend in moments like this, and this recipe sounded wonderful. I read some of the comments about it before starting to make it, so I decided on adding 1tbsp corn flour and some cinnamon. I love how well cinnamon works together with apples.
I made two small to share with my neighbor and one big for my husband and me.
I also chose to buy pie crust this time, since I had so much trouble the last. 
The recipe didn't call for it, but the ones who remember my troubles with the blueberry pie might understand that I chose to pre-bake the pie crust before adding the filling.
I wanted the apples completely covered with the batter, so I mixed them in with it
instead of pouring the batter over them. 
I poured the apples and the batter over the crusts and made some kind of square pattern with the rest of the pie dough. It was a little bit difficult since the pie dough I bough was round while the thing I use as a pie tin is square (and strictly speaking not a tin either).
Yea, I admit it, I have some problems cutting even strips. 
The pies baked for an hour and just started to smell better and better and better. 5 minutes before they were done, I took them out and sprinkled them with a little bit of sugar mixed with cinnamon before I put them back in again for the last 5 minutes.
Since the strips weren't connected to the crust beneath, they now
lie like a too small blanket on top of the pie. 
The batter consisted of butter, sugar, a little bit of water, a little bit of all purpose flour and a little bit of  corn starch. I have no idea how that batter is supposed to become solid, and it absolutely didn't.
It tasted much better than it looked! 
In a way it was the blueberry pie all over again - it looked like a mess, but tasted heavenly! And was perfect together with a glass of saft.

But seriously, has anyone a suggestion for a pie that is so easy to bake that even I can do it perfectly? 


  1. YUM! that looks so delicious! I made a pie the day my oven broke - so now I have an un-baked apple pie in my freezer waiting to be baked when we have an oven again!

    Make more pie so I can drool over it!!!!!

  2. I completely have to agree with the others: this looks great, super delicious! I just had a piece of bought apple cake which was ok, but probably nothing compared to this.