Thursday, September 5, 2013

Potato and leek soup

One thing I really like about the days turning colder and darker, is that it also means it is soup and stew time. Both my husband and I love warm, thick, tasty comfort food. I like how the prep time most often is quick and easy (just chop veggies and maybe some meat) and then you let it cook for a long time. The smell of the soup or stew fill the house while we sit reading and waiting for it to be ready.

I think potato and leek soup might be the easiest and cheapest soup you can make.
Some bouillon, a leek and some potatoes. 
Right now the potatoes are very fresh and the skin is so thin that I don't peel them before throwing them in the soup. Most of the nutrition in them is in the skin or just beneath it, so you loose all the goodiness of the potatoes if you peel them. 
Just throw the potatoes and leek in a pan and pour in enough water to almost cover it.
Add also a fitting amount of bouillon. 
When the potatoes and the leek has boiled until soft, I mash the soup in a blender and serve it with a scoop of crème fraîche and some bacon. 
Let's eat! 
This soup can of course also be served as a vegetarian meal, or even vegan (just make sure your bouillon is a vegan one). I see it as a good alternative where the meat add some texture and taste to the meal, but isn't the main part of  it.

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