Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Passport to color

One thing I love about travelling, is to look at all make-up, perfumes and nail polish in the duty free store. I often fall in love with collections of miniature perfume bottles, or - as in this case, collection of small nail polish bottles from OPI.

It contained a collection of 6 different shades of reddish nail polish.

The Charged Up Cherry (hot pink) and Cajun Shrimp (almost neon coral) are not colors I would ever buy myself, which makes collections like this so awesome - it forces me to get something a little bit out of my comfort zone. 

So I took my new nail polishes and gave myself a polka dot manicure with Malaga Wine as the base color and polka dots in Charged Up Cherry and Lincoln Park After Dark. 
Next time I will not take a photo with all the bottles in my hand. 
Honestly, having polka dots on all my nails drives me crazy - it is far too busy. But I like them, so next time I will just do it on a couple of the nails.

What is your favorite red nail polish?


  1. I love OPI nails polishes. I have Malaga Wine and Lincoln Park After Dark.

    Carly's Beauty World

    1. I love both of these colors. Now that it is getting darker and the winter is closing up on us, I really tend to wear darker nail polishes as well. I see myself wear Lincoln Park After Dark a lot this winter.

  2. I love all the polka dots! How fun!

    1. Yes, I like them as well! But next time I'll use them as contrast on one or two nails per hand - constantly seeing all the dots while typing on my laptop or doing other stuff just drove me crazy. I'm strange that way :)