Monday, September 2, 2013

Meatless Monday #3: A meatless day in Glasgow

Last Monday we were still in Glasgow after the wonderful Christening on the day before. Not being home to cook just meant I had a reason to test out some vegetarian alternatives in restaurants.

I started with ordering the vegetarian breakfast at the hotel.
Potato scone, fried mushroom and tomato, baked beans, poached egg and
a vegetarian sausage. 
This was actually so good that I ended up having it every morning. I'm not a huge fan of English bacon and black pudding, so that worked out well. 

We had lunch in a cute, little Italian restaurant nearby our hotel. The restaurant had a wonderful lunch deal where you go a starter and a main course for only £10. 
Crostini with mushrooms and blue cheese. 
I don't know why I have the habit of always ordering meat dishes in restaurants. Most places you get really wonderful vegetarian dishes made with just as much care as any other dish, and just as tasteful. This is a habit I will have to break!
Mushroom and spinach lasagna that tasted much better than it looks. 
The lunch was wonderful and I was really looking forward to see what I would have for dinner. 
Mixed bean & harissa burger with hand-cut chips and tzatziki.
I added some Stilton, mushrooms and onions as toppings. 
The burger was the only slightly disappointing meal that day. The meal overall was very good, but the burger itself was a little dry and bland. I blame this on the chef, not on the concept of a bean & harissa burger, so I will see if I can find a better one somewhere else! 


  1. I really want to do meatless monday but my whole family is big meat eaters! Any advice on how to ease into it??
    And I particullary hate mondays so it does get hard to do deprive my body of meat (I know.. its pretty bad) hahaha so I might go Without Meat Wednesday? :P


    Thia @ The Tale Thief

    1. It doesn't have to be meatless Monday, Without meat Wednesday works just as fine.
      You can also see what your family is having for dinner that week. Sometimes it is possible to just eat the vegetables the rest of the family is eating and skipping the meat serving.
      If this is difficult for you, you can also buy some vegetarian alternatives like veggie burgers and sausages and just cook one for yourself while the rest of the family have their meat serving.
      Just some ideas :)

    2. I think I'm going to make some veggie patties, that might be nice change.
      I've never tried veggie sausages, I wonder if there are any nice ones where I live.
      But thanks for the ideas!
      Also, I just realised your name Marit is like the name of one of the girls of M2M.
      I think they were Norwegian also..
      Is Marit a common name in Norwegia? I have never met anyone with that name! Its a nice name :)


      Thia @ The Tale Thief

  2. I tried meatless days by just drinking green juice, but it is hard because I dont have a juicer, i only use a blender,your recipe rocks well atleast we can get to EAT without meats.yummy, i will try these recipes soon.

    1. You need to eat, girl! Green juice is no proper substitute for a proper meal :)

  3. I had fish that a meatless monday

    1. Fish is meat :)
      But it is great when you eat fish at least once a week. For one thing it gives you a bunch of omega 3 fat, and it also demands much less resources to produce 1 kg fish compared with ie. 1 kg red meat.

  4. YAY Marit! Your meatless Mondays seem to be going so well!!!!!!
    I was the same as you with cheese... I always would prefer a beautiful cheese plate to getting dessert..
    Since i stopped eating cheese though i have felt so much better (internally), that I never even considered eating it again. It's funny how once you break the habit, such as yours with eating meat (even one day a week can make that much of a difference!), it is that much easier to say "Oh, no thanks!" I find it amazing how easy it is now to make the healthier choice just like you've done at those restaurants!
    p.s Sorry i've been off the grid a fair bit lately - work stresses etc. I shall be blogging like mad from now though!!!!!! :-P