Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The making of Harry Potter

I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter. I love the books. I love the movies. I read them over and over again, and I watch them over and over again. And I am lucky enough to share this love with my husband.
Yes, this will be me. Together with my husband.
We're good together that way. 
As I have mentioned before, we spent a weekend in London this summer, and my husband is the best travel planner partner ever. He researches everything, I plan all the logistics. This time he surprised me with researching his way into the Harry Potter universe and the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London (it's outside London so I had to figure out how to get there - which I did brilliantly).
Unfortunately I was not brilliant enough to organize our arrival in a flying car. 
When you buy your tickets, you buy a tour for a certain time in the day. When we got our tickets, there were only late tickets left, so our tour started at 5 pm. Which actually turned out to be perfect. Even though the tour started at a certain time, we were free to walk around the studios in our own tempo. Being there late in the day meant that it was less crowded and we didn't have to stand in very long lines.
We only had to wait a couple of minutes in line to get a glass of butterbeer.
It would have been worth waiting for several more minutes - it was delicious! 
There was so much to see, so much of the original sets that was still there! Like Dumbledores pensieve, the Hogwarts Bridge that was so important in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, all of Diagon Alley and a complete model of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the school grounds.
I love exploring the settings on my camera! 
The studio was open until 10 pm that evening, which was good since we spent a good 3 hours looking at everything.
For some reason the Knight Bus didn't show up when we wanted to go home,
so we had to settle with a normal bus and train. 
The tour was incredible - I feel like I've visited Hogwarts! It makes my bitterness of never receiving an acceptance letter from Hogwarts as a kid a little bit easier to live with. 


  1. This is so amazing and cute! you're so lucky to have a partner that enjoys the things you do. :)
    Harry Potter has been a favourite of mine forever as well, so I am extremely jealous of you! I can't wait to go there.

  2. What did the butter beer taste like?!? I really want one! I remember I made "butter beer" when I was 14.. those were good times.. but I want to try the "authentic" ones hahaha

    I love harry potter so much!! do you think they will still have this tour in a few years time?

    p.s. welcome to blogger!


    Thia @ The Tale Thief

    1. The butter beer tasted like fuzzy vanilla soda with a caramel foam on top. I think... It was really good!

      I think the tour will still be there for quite a few years. At least that's what I believe based on the number of people visiting.

      Thank you for coming around here!