Thursday, August 22, 2013

Small work in progress

I am not a particularly creative person, but I do like to create. This manifests itself generally as an interest in cooking, a basic knowledge in how to use a sewing machine, and occasional waves of need for crocheting or knitting. This time the trigger was my husband's uttering of a wish for kind of a cardigan.
This is the jacket my husband wants. 
I love this greyish blue color and the softness of the wool-cotton mix. And I love how the bamboo needles don't make any sound when I knit!
The needles are so quiet, I just call them my ninja needles. 
The start of my knitting project coincided with a wonderful warm weekend, so most of my Saturday was spent relaxing with my ninja needles, the soft-as-baby's-butt-yarn, and a glass of wine. 
While knitting I could rest my eyes on the best view in the world - my husband! 
Since I don't know any vocabulary for knitting in English, I don't know what to call the pattern or style of knitting that this jacket calls for, but I like it because it feels very light and airy, not so dense as your standard wool sweater usually is. 
I might fight my husband for it after I've finished it. 
What are you creating at the moment?


  1. Hi Marit, really enjoying your posts. I'm working on a pair of socks but still on the first one after a year - it's going very slowly! I've also started another project which is further along but also unfinished after 7 months! I love knitting, crochet and drawing but haven't found the time between writing, editing and social media. I'd better get back to one of the other two now...

  2. I'm so impressed by your knitting skills! I attempted learning to knit and I made a scarf. I have a blanket I'm crocheting and it's almost done. I love that you call your needles ninja needles!! I love doing crafty stuff as well but I'm not very crafty. I like painting, and I have an idea for a new painting I want to try, so I'm excited about it. Photography is a lot of fun and I find myself wanting to take pictures of clouds a lot. I just have a simple point and click camera so they don't turn out like I'd want them too.