Friday, August 16, 2013

Project Meat Loss: Intro

I am your average person. Maybe a little above average interested in food, maybe a little below average interested in healthy food (I cannot say no to cheese). Maybe a little above average interested in having an electric car instead of a regular car, maybe a little below average when it comes to paper recycling (there just isn't enough space in my kitchen for that box).
Here I should have a picture of me in a Tesla eating cheese, but since don't have a Tesla (yet),
you'll have to settle with this picture of a cheese dish I ate the other day. 
I like meat. I love Parma ham on my sandwich and on my pizza. I appreciate a nice steak the way my husband cooks them (very red). Philly cheese steak might be my favorite dish ever.  
File:Philly cheese steak.JPG
Philly cheese steak. Taken by Terence Ong in June 2006.
But here's the thing. I know that both from a health and from an environmental standpoint that it would be beneficial to reduce the amount of meat we are eating. I don't think I will ever go completely vegetarian, but I want to substantially reduce the amount of meat I am eating. I don't think this is something I will be able to do over night, but I want to share the process of doing this with you. 

My first steps in this process will be to implement Meatless Monday. Stay tuned for updates on how this is working out! And if you have tips for good vegetarian dishes, please share them with me! 


  1. Thats great! If you ever need any tips for vego food I know a ton!

    1. I will let you know! Right now I have a few dishes lined up and I am really looking forward to this. Even though I'm not ready to go completely vegetarian, I do find the meat industry very problematic and as part of my meat loss project I work on finding non-industrial alternatives like free range eggs from local farmers and meat from self-hunted and slaughtered game.