Saturday, August 24, 2013

[H] was the letter of the week

Or, rather, [hotel] was the theme of the week since we first were on a little road trip, then spending this weekend in Glasgow.

[H]otel that gave us their corner suite 
I'm really sorry for the crappy photo,
it wasn't originally meant to be put on here. 

[H]otel that has a wonderful view of a Norwegian fjord

[H]otel that is nicer than many other hotels
And with cool art above the bed. 


  1. The view is so beautiful! What was the name of the hotel?

  2. Wow!! I want to go there!! :) So pretty!

  3. So this was 3 different hotels. The hotel with the view is Hardanger Hotel located in a little town called Odda. Hardanger Hotel is by no means a very exclusive hotel, but it does have a spectacular view!