Tuesday, August 27, 2013


We were so privileged as to be invited to a beautiful christening last weekend. Even though I am not personally believing in an omnipotent god, I still feel there is something sacred about welcoming a new child into this world. I also love the fact that it gave me an occasion to wear my Bunad - my Norwegian national costume.

The Bunad's origin lies in the national romantic movement in the 19th century, but most of the Bunads you see today were designed in the 20th century based on rural clothes worn in the 18th century. In Norway the Bunad is considered formal clothes and you wear it at big occasions like weddings, christenings and our national holiday on May 17th.
The big children's parade in Oslo on the Norwegian National Holiday.
Photo by Morten Johnsen.
The design of the Bunads vary from place to place. My Bunad is from the lower part of Buskerud, the county my mother's family is from. All the embroideries are done by my grandmother.
There is love in every stitch. 
I am so impressed with the handwork put into it. A professional seamstress did the montage of the dress. The hand sewn stitches are so even!
This is something I will never have the patience to do. 
I got my Bunad for my confirmation when I was 15. Luckily it was made with the intention of being something I can wear for a long time, so there were a certain amount of extra fabric left around the waist and in the torso of the dress, because let's face it - my body today at 29 is not the same as it was at 15.
This is me a few years ago. 
Even though I only get to wear it a couple of times a year, I think my Bunad is my absolute favorite piece of clothing. The fact that my grandmother embroidered it and that it will probably last longer than my life time makes it even more precious.

Do you have a piece of clothing or something else precious to you for the same reasons?


  1. I love the Bunad and the history. I don't have have any clothing like that, but I do have my great grandmother's hope chest which is pretty special to me.

    1. Exactly - having those clothes, furniture or jewelries that once belonged to family members is truly special!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I didn't know about that tradition but I think it's lovely.

    I have a blanket my great grandmother made. She stitched it by hand herself. I love it! I use it every night especially in the summer because it keeps me not to hot and not to cold!

    1. Having something that you can use that often is wonderful! I mean - I love my Bunad, but there are really not that many occasions for me to wear it. And even better when it is a perfect summer blanket :)