Wednesday, August 14, 2013

High heeled rain boots

This summer has been fabulous. I think we have had 5-6 weeks with almost only sun and nice weather. That is not that common here in Norway. Even I have a tan line - something I never have since I don't have the patience to tan.
Don't laugh, it isn't easy to take a photo of your own tan line. But it IS there! 
But now we are closing in on the middle of August and it has actually been thundering quite heavily lately. I love thunder! Thunder means candle lights, sitting close to my husband and having a glass of red wine in my hand. Thunder also means rain. Which means I get to wear my rain boots. As a child, rain boots were probably my least favorite foot wear. Now that I'm all grown up and responsible for my own shoe shopping, it is a completely different story.
My Ness rain boots.
They are black and red with a huge bow. And the best thing? They have high heels!
They are not sky high, but still - my rain boots have heels! 
It might not seem much, but a pair of fabulous rain boots can help on the wettest day. They will be my fixer-upper for the rainy, dark days to come after this warm and sunny summer.

How are you handling the transition from summer to fall to winter?


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    1. I know. You should have seen me when I stumbled upon them in the store!